ENADA Rome Pinball Tournament VIII edizione: il 17-19 ottobre


Torna l'appuntamento con il flipper sportivo a Enada Roma: dal 17 al 19 ottobre 2017, come ormai d'abitudine, la fiera del gioco e dell'intrattenimento della capitale aprirà le porte al mondo del flipper ospitando l'ormai immancabile torneo organizzato da Ifpa Italia in collaborazione con Tecnoplay, Ieg group e con il patrocinio dell'Associazione Nazionale Sapar.

L'evento composto dal torneo principale che si svolgerà nei giorni di martedì, mercoledì e giovedì 17-19 ottobre e da due tornei satellite nei giorni di martedì 17 e mercoledì 18 ottobre. Tutti i tornei sono riconosciti dall’IFPA e quindi tutti e 3 assegneranno punti validi per la classifica mondiale WPPR.

Il costo di iscrizione al torneo principale è di 10 euro (15 euro per chi non è in possesso della tessera Uisp/Ifpa Italia, che può però sottoscriverla sul posto ottenendo quindi lo sconto sull'iscrizione) che darà la possibilità di giocare gratuitamente sui flipper designati.


IMPORTANTE: Per ottenere un PASS di accesso gratuito alla fiera è necessario effettuare una pre-iscrizione inviando una email all'indirizzo: Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. entro e non oltre il 10 ottobre 2017.



Martedi’ 17 ottobre

Ore 12.00 – 18.00: Qualifiche torneo principale

Ore 12.00 – 17.00 Qualifiche torneo satellite 1

Ore 17.10: Finale torneo satellite 1


Mercoledì 18 ottobre

Ore 11 – 18.00: Qualifiche torneo principale

Ore 11.00 – 17.00 Qualifiche torneo satellite 2

Ore 17.10: Finale torneo satellite 2


Giovedi’ 19 ottobre

Ore 11 – 13.00 Qualifiche torneo principale

Ore 13.30: Finali torneo principale


IL REGOLAMENTO E' DISPONIBILE A QUESTO LINK: http://www.ifpaitalia.it/images/regolamento_enada_roma_2017.pdf





VERY IMPORTANT: For collect your pas you need sign a pre-registration sending an email to: Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. .


  1. Introduction


The official regulations of the Rome Pinball Tournament come from the best practices of the main international tournaments belonging to the World Pinball Player Rankings. They have been preventively debated, stipulated and then approved by the International Flipper Pinball Association.



  1. Rome Pinball Tournament (below: RPT) rules


The rules are divided in two different parts. The first one describes the development of the single tournament describing how the players will play and how the partial and final standings will be calculated. In the second part some more information will be given, in order to make clear and smooth the development of the competitions.


Tournament Program:

Tuesday, October 17th

12am - 16pmhours: Main tournament qualifying
12am - 5pm Satellite qualifying tournaments 1
5.10: Satellite Tournament Finish 1

Wednesday, October 18th

11am - 6 pm: Main tournament qualifying
Hours 11am - 5pm Satellite Tournament Qualifications 2
5.10: Satellite Tournament Finals 2

Thursday, 19 October

11am - 1pm Main tournament qualifying
1.30: Final tournament finals



  1. Single tournament rules


The event will have three different tournaments. The Main Tournament, which will take place on the 17h,18th and 19th of October, will be played on 5 different machines. It will be possible to qualify for the finals all day on the 17th, starting at 11am, and in the morning of the 19th until 1.30 p.m., when the qualifications will be closed and the finals will start. The number of the participants for the RPT is not yet defined and it will be available only the day of the competition. The number of pinball used in the tournament as we said will be 5.

There will be a two "side tournaments" on the 17th and 18 of October, tournaments that will be played in a single pinball machine (See below point 6).


During the qualification round, every player will always play a single match game. At the end of every game, the player need to call the attention of a tournament official in order to register the score obtained.


GENERAL Scoring system and final standings:


The tournament is played as a single group. All the registered players will challenge each other on the 5 pinballs (4 machines for main, 1 machine fos Side). A final standing will be created for every machine based on the scores obtained by all players. The rank of the player’s result on each machine awards the following amount of points:



































16th and lower




The sum of the points obtained in each machine will determine the final standing of the RPT qualifying round. The top 8 players will qualify for the finals and will be placed in a single elimination bracket based on the final seedings after the qualifying round. Each match will be a race to 2 wins in a single pinball. Here the higher seeded player will pick the order for the first and the eventual third game, while the opponent will pick teh order of the second game.

The braket will be composed as follow, where the pinball played will be assigned in advance by the organizer:


The position from fifth to eighth will be assigned by one single four-way game on Avatar between the four players who lost in the quarter-finals. The position will be defined by the rank in the qualifying round, with the higher seeded player going last and so on.

The final for the third and fourth place will be also played on Avatar, on a single game. The position will be determined by the higher seeded player after the qualifying round.


Award ceremony, prizes and entrance fee;


The awards ceremony will take place immediately after the final on October 19th 2017. The winner of the RPT will be awarded with a trophy and some gadgets offereds by STERN Pinball. A trophy will also go to the second and third classified. Furthermore all player will be receiving some kind of gadget.


The registering fee for the tournament is €10 that includes a pass for all three days of ENADA.

For collect your pas you need sign a pre-registration sending an email to: Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. .



4. Management of critical situations


  1. Interruption of the game or minor malfunctions

Every problem during the course of the game where the player doesn’t lose the ball is considered a minor malfunction. This kind of unexpected event doesn’t contemplate any game or ball repetition.


  1. Major malfunctions

Every problem that results in the premature loss of ball in play in a fashion that is not a normal feature of the machine’s gameplay, like a kickback that fails to return the ball to play or a software failure or the current that goes off...in this case the player need to call the attention of the tournament officials and let them know about the malfunction. Depending on the malfunction, the tournament officials can decide to play an extra ball at the end of the game in play.


  1. Catastrophic malfunctions

If a big malfunction happens, not caused by a player, that does not allow the correct and fair progress of the games in a machine, the standing of that pinball will be “frozen” until is not repaired in time to allow all players that machine in equal conditions. If a machine affected by catastrophic malfunction cannot be repaired in order to continue playing, it is considered disabled and will be take out permanently and any games played before on that machine cancelled, leaving only 4 pinball to determine the final standings.


Stuck balls

When a ball gets stuck during the game, the player the player must wait for automatic ball searches to occur. If the stuck ball has not been freed after three such searches, the player must alert the tournament officials. If the tournament official is unable to free the stuck ball, the machine will be opened, and the stuck ball freed and placed either in the plunger lane, if it is manually controlled, or on the upraised right flipper, with the flipper button held by the player.


  1. Settings and utilization of the pinball machines

All pinball machines of the RPT will be set up (where the software allows it) in TOURNAMENT MODE, 3 balls and extra balls disabled.

Every player, to start a tournament game, needs to use a token given with the registration or bought later on. Every token corresponds to a credit.

Every player cannot play two or more consecutive games on the same machine, but he has to free the pinball immediately after ending his game and registering the score.


Participation of the referees at the competition

The tournament officials can take part to the competition, but the score registration need to be done by a second tournament official for evident reasons of trasparency.


  1. Sides tournaments

On Tuesday 17 and Wednesday, October 18, two satellite tournaments will be played, always valid for WPPR points. The size of the tournaments will be very simple: for each day, each one will pitch in single matches on a single pinball, trying to get the highest score. At 17 o'clock the 4 highest ranked players will make a 4-player final game. The best qualified player will be able to choose where to play the final, followed by the second ranked and the third. The side tournaments will be played on the new Stern STAR WARS pinball, made available by Stern Pinball and Tecnoplay. There are no limits per game per player, but you can not play two games consecutively, but after each game you can re-enter for another game and wait for your turn.

Registration for the two single day tournaments, that will take place on October 17th and 18th, from 11 a.m. to some minuter before 5 pm, is free.

The prizes for the two single-day tournaments will be announced during next days on the website www.ifpaitalia.it


7. Notes


This is the official version of the RPT 2011. If any change will be made at the 6 points previously indicated, this document will be promptly updated and made available on the website: www.ifpaitalia.it


OFFICIAL RULES AT THIS LINK: http://www.ifpaitalia.it/images/rules_rome_pinball2017.pdf



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