At Enada Spring 2014 the European pinball championship by Ifpa Italia, Tecnoplay and Rimini Fiera

banner EPC-2014-250xEnada to become the home of pinball! For several years, the amusement and gaming show held every Autumn at Fiera di Roma and in the Spring at Rimini Fiera, has been featuring international tournaments devoted to this fascinating machine. And now, the time of official recognition has come, with the next edition of Enada Spring hosting for the first time in Italy the European Pinball Championship. EPC 2014 will take place from 22nd to 23rd March 2014, and will be organized by Ifpa Italia (International Flipper Pinball Association in Italy), which secured the rights to organize it three years ago, in cooperation with the Italian pinball and videogame distributor Tecnolplay Spa, and with Rimini Fiera.

EPC 2014 will be presented at ENADA (Fiera di Roma, 16th - 18th October 2013), with all the details concerning an event that will be extraordinary in terms of participation -- as many as 150 players from all over Europe are expected – and of its media impact, which will prove useful to relaunch the image of games as promoting enjoyment and amusement.

The European Championship was established in 2005 (the first edition was held in Amsterdam), and in the following years took place in Munich (Germany), Kolding (Denmark), London (UK), Wallisellen (Switzerland), Le Treport (France) and Madrid (Spain). In 2013 (from 13th to 15th Septmeber), it will be held in Stockholm (Sweden).

In Rome, in addition to the official presentation of EPC 2014, the Rome Pinball Tournament will make a comeback with its 4th edition, which will see the participation of the best Italian and foreign players.


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