Krisztián Szalai won in Marmore, but it is a joy for the Italian pinball world

Marmore – Krisztián Szalai wins the Marmore Pinball Tournament - Pinball at the Waterfalls, that took place last weekend in the beautiful setting of the Marmore Waterfall next to Terni, in Umbria. For the Hungarian player, number 26 in the international ranking, this is a very important victory in their personal prizewinners because it could bring him in the top 20 of the ranking. This time Daniele Acciari, our Italian super champion, didn't win and he only ends in the third position, after has been defeated in the semifinal match by Cesare D'Atri, the revelation of the Marmore tournament, who ended in the second position, giving up only under the undisputed supremacy of Szalai that during these two days dedicated to the sports pinball never lost a match, qualifying himself in the first qualifying session on Saturday with an en plein, winning all the nine games.

On the first day of the tournament, moreover, added to the qualifying games of the main tournament, also a classic tournament took place, that is to say a second tournament held on the so-called 'classical' pinball machines, the electro-mechanical ones, of the '60s, '70s and '80s . Also in this case the Hungarian Krisztián Szalai distinguish himself, but he ended at the fourth position after the compatriot Istvan Szabo, and Super Mario Anzini, coming from Verona, won the tournament, failing the qualification for the main tournament, despite according to the forecasts, he was the favourite for both the competitions. Marino Milan, the other player coming from Veneto, arrived at the second position in the classic tournament.

At the end of the weekend in Marmore all the players come satisfied at home, thanks to a very successful two days in the middle of nature and carachterized by the sports pinball, where we have been moments of great competitive spirit, but above all, where we have been a lot of fun. And the Marmore tournament also gave the opportunity to celebrate  Daniel Acciari, the World Champion in office, and number one of international rankings, with a prize given to the national Italian player of sports pinball by Ifpa Italia, to thank him for the extraordinary performances that make the Italian pinball world pride. "I'm incredibly happy for the results I obtained in these 5 years of competitions that caused to me many sacrifices - the champion said receiving the award - and I must thank IFPA Italia and the Tecnoplay sponsor who supported me in this extraordinary journey. But now I have a request, directed especially to the players: I wish that many more of them would follow me in the tournaments abroad, because often I went to win some points in competitions outside of Italy leaving alone or at maximum in two persons for these journeys. It would be the time to start believing in this sport and in our chances also among the other players because I am sure that in this way we can further strengthen the role of Italy at the international level ".

"Today the Italian sports pinball can count on another important event that is added between the leading appointments of our country – the IFPA Italia association writes in an official statement - given the great success of the Marmore Pinball Tournament also at an international level, it becomes a duty to repeat the event also next year considering the edition of this weekend, then, as the number one edition and as the beginning of a new way. Sincere thanks, as well as players who came to Marmore from various parts of Europe, to Casa Lina, the local cultural association that co-organized the event, and to the companies and the individuals who offered their machines and their time: to Tecnoplay - historical partner of IFPA Italia and of the national sports pinball -  to Italgiochi2001 in Rieti, to Automatic Service in Terni and to the collectors Claudio Mortini, Dino Merluzzi and Daniele Verrocchio".


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