First European Stern Launch Party in Rome: huge success for the AC/DC celebration

On Friday March 28th, the first European Stern Launch Party took place in Rome in order to present and celebrate the new AC/DC Pinball machine. The event was organized by IFPA Italia and Tecnoplay in the Arcade Joy Village of the Italian capital. The location was absolutely outstanding, a big and famous arcade with a lot of customers, with a great setup for both the party and the tournaments. The new born Stern was also surrounded by the pinball Rolling Stones, Shrek, Iron Man and Avatar. The main tournament was played on the AC/DC and it was valid for the International Pinball Ranking, while on the other four machines the side tournament took place, tournament that awarded a free registration to the upcoming Italian Pinball Championship in Rovigo at the end of April.

The lunch party started at 9 pm when the players started to play the new pinball. The tournament format contemplated single player games until midnight, when the top four finishers battle for the win on a four player games on the AC/DC. Top qualifier was the well know Daniele Acciari, followed by Alessio Crisantemi, Aldo Pancaldi e Marco Cerigioni. In the final after two balls Acciari was dead last, but as usually he never gives up passing the other three players and taking his third win in a raw in the last three Italian tournaments. Big applauses and congratulations for him by all players, organizers and a lot of curious people. The event indeed raised a lot of curiosity on many of the customers, in parallel with the Acciari presence, former world champion. To be honest, many of them did not feel to participate, intimidated by the formality of the event. But it was a good cocktail that created a nice atmosphere and made a very enjoyable and interesting night. Official Stern trophies were awarded to the top three, and IFPA Italia trophies to the top four.
The side tournament was played on Rolling Stones and Iron Man, with the final won on Rolling Stones by Marco Cerigioni who will have the free entry to the Italian Pinball Championship. The top four of each tournament also took home the AC/DC backglass kindly offered by Stern, while all participants received an AC/DC keychain.

Everybody has been very excited for this party, an optimal way to introduce competitive pinball to many new players who discovered a new and unknown world. Tecnoplay and the Arcade Joy Village have been very satisfied. They are already planning to repeat the experience for next Stern pinball release.

The AC/DC machine was also well received by both expert and casual players, who found it a very well designed and fun pinball. At the end of the tournament a long line of people was waiting to play it until late in the night. Closing the tournament too early was for sure a mistake in the schedule, disappointing many players who really wanted to participate but came after the end of the qualifying section.

In conclusion, a big thanks again to Stern Pinball and Tecnoplay for their support and commitment, giving to IFPA Italia the opportunity to organize such event, the first of its kind in Europe. We absolutely hope it can be the example to follow in the near future in many other European countries.


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