Great success for the Pinb-Owl’s Nest 2012 won by Daniele Acciari

The weekend dedicated to the Pinb-Owl's Nest 2012 is over, a pinball tournament at the Bar Palladio in Fontaniva (PD). A wonderful weekend of pure pinball and associated to the deepest charity for the association Il Nido del Gufo, which operates in Colombia. All the raised fees during the two days were entirely donated at the ONG with the goal of giving hope to people who really need it. The organization, the participation and the atmosphere of the weekend have been outstanding, with pinball lovers coming from many parts of Italy and from France too. The Pinb-Owl’s Nest had two different tournaments: the Main one and the Classics. The Main tournament was structured with a open qualification section, during the all Saturday and the Sunday morning, on the five machines Congo, Medieval Madness, The Addam's Family, Indiana Jones and Monster Bash. Five more pinball (Corvette, Cirqus Voltaire, Cactus Canyon, High Speed II: The Getaway, Bram Stoker's Dracula) were set up in free-play. Furthemore, the oldest machine Ten-Up (Gottlieb 1973) and Time Machine have been used for the Classics. In the Main tournament, the top 24 made it to the Sunday afternoon finals, with Acciari as best qualifiers followed by Dailly and Anzini. The 24 were divided in six 4-players groups, which played 3 games each to determine the 12 who advanced to the head to head elimination bracket. All matches have been a race to 2 wins, defining the two semifinals: Acciari vs Spiga and Melone vs Marta Roberto. The semifinal between the favorite Acciari and Spiga was over on the third game on The Addam’s Family, where Acciari with the final bonus passed Spiga by less then a million. In the other match-up Melone was able to make it in to the final, dominated by Acciari with two fabulous games on Bram Stoker's Dracula and The Addam's Family. Spiga won the final for the third place winning on Cactus Canyon. The Classics was won again by the cannibal Acciari followed by Dailly and Pierobon Matteo. At the end, rich awards were given to many players. The top 8 took home prizes donated by many retailers of then town, as well the top three of the Classics and the top three women (Sabrina Telatin, Scagliarini Anna e Squizzato Sara) and the youngest participant Andretta Alberto, six years old.

A huge thank goes to the commitment, dedication and patience of Matteo Filippin, Claudio Melone, Sara Squizzato, Matteo Pierobon, Matteo Pontarollo, Mauro Spiga, Mauro Violetto, Loris Trevisan, who made possible and wonderful the weekend, but mostly Livio and Lisa Pierobon, parents of Nicola who thought the event from the far Colombia.

The day concluded with big thanks and hugs, demonstration that everybody appreciated the two days of pinball. And a goodbye to the next event, with a great desire to repeat these meetings dedicated to the passion for pinball, but above all, to friendship, brotherhood and mutual respect. This is the wonderful world of pinball!

Results Main Tournament

1 Acciari Daniele
2 Melone Claudio
3 Spiga Mauro
4 Marta Roberto
5 Anzini Mario
6 Pierobon Matteo
7 Pierobon Livio
8 Milan Marino
9 Lago Stefano
9 Marta Alessandro
9 Fior Luca
9 Luise Paolo
13 Favaretto Mauro
14 Dailly Michel
15 Filippin Matteo
16 Aldrighetti Sefano
17 De Stefani Giorgio
17 Faverin Andrea
19 Spessato Matteo
19 Pontarollo Matteo
21 Berton Giuseppe
22 Tosetto Giorgio
22 Prenna Stefano
24 Spessato Nicola
25 Moscone Marco
26 Portulano Danilo
27 Stragliotto Daniele
28 Zandarin Fabrizio
29 Brunetta Damiano
30 Telatin Sabrina
31 Scagliarini Anna
32 Squizzato Sara
33 Mazzaretto Manuel
34 Sanna Francesco
35 Masiero Laura
36 Valentini Francesco
37 Parolin Fabio
38 Bordignon Michele
39 Matteazzi Enrico
40 Stocco Alberto
41 Meneghetti Mario
42 Birollo Riccardo
43 Flesia Silvia
44 Mabiglia David
44 Violetto Mauro
46 Macchi Luca
46 Garziera Matteo
48 Chiaretto Daniela
48 Dal Pizzol Franca
50 Filippin Silvia
51 Andretta Alberto
52 Rinaldi Renata
52 Gazzola Maria Lisa
54 Scomazzon Gaia

Results Classics

1 Acciari Daniele
2 Dailly Michel
3 Pierobon Matteo
4 Marta Roberto
5 De Stefani Giorgio
6 Spiga Mauro
6 Portulano Danilo
8 Melone Claudio
9 Moscone Marco
10 Brunetta Damiano
11 Zandarin Fabrizio
12 Filippin Matteo
12 Spessato Matteo
14 Aldrighetti Stefano
15 Parolin Fabio
16 Lago Stefano
17 Stragliotto Daniele
18 Pontarollo Matteo
19 Bordignon Michele
20 Meneghetti Mario
21 Fior Luca
21 Berton Giuseppe
23 Favaretto Mauro
23 Pierobon Livio
25 Marta Alessandro
26 Masiero Laura
27 Spessato Nicola
28 Stocco Alberto
29 Squizzato Sara
30 Anzini Mario
31 Luise Paolo
31 Prenna Stefano
33 Milan Marino
33 Valentini Francesco
35 Matteazzi Enrico
36 Dal Pizzol Franca
37 Mabilia David
38 Tosetto Giorgio
39 Telatin Sabrina
39 Faverin Andrea
41 Flesia Silvia
42 Birollo Riccardo
43 Scagliarini Anna
44 Chiaretto Daniela
45 Mazzaretto Manuel
46 Andretta Alberto
47 Rinaldi Renata
47 Sanna Francesco
49 Garziera Matteo
49 Filippin Silvia
51 Violetto Mauro
51 Scomazzon Gaia
53 Macchi Luca
54 Gazzola Maria Lisa


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